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June 09, 2006


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Clarion Journal

Thanks for your comment Craig,

I should note that the article you're referring to is now ten years old. Truly, in that decade, 'not yet' really is being replaced by 'welcome' in more and more nations and churches ... even some that could not have imagined it in 2006. Sure, there's still a lot of ignorance, resistance and hypocrisy in the Christian world but, increasingly so, doors are opening so that brothers and sisters are no longer treated as aliens or projects. Fear is giving way embrace and where it isn't, there's an exodus.

Still, the shift is bumpy and we're learning by experience that 'making space' can either open the table or shut the doors depending on one's approach. For churches that are willing to explore greater openness without self-sabotaging, I recommend consulting Brandan Robertson ( He's able to offer some pretty fruitful wisdom.

Craig Long

Dear Brad, That is all good and well. But while the rest of us wait for good people like you to make up your mind, many of us suffer under the burden of legal battles, cultural oppression, and violence. I am with Bishop Tutu on this one: sincerely apologising to gay people, making amends, and welcoming them into the fold unconditionally. There is, for me, not "debate" regarding this issue. After the utter horrors I have seen and experienced in South Africa, the very notion of debate regarding this issue is utterly horrifying to me. The idea of "never" and "yet" have been replaced with "Welcome", "I love you". I would, however, use "yet" in this manner: "You are my brothers and sisters. YET there are those who regard you as aliens in the household of God. Forgive them."


there was a day many, many months ago when i felt like my Father asked me "what do you think would change the world more, (not exactly as shown) the ability to make things as you think they should be, or the ability to truly love?
what do you think i picked?

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