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June 09, 2006


Wanda Vincent

Dear Wayne,
I have a few comments concerning your article.
In this commment I say we, because I am not without sin in this area either.
The Clarion is about spirituality and justice, I do not think it is for Political bashing.
One thing important to remember is that the media has an agenda and is very one sided. They never show the whole picture. The media never shows the 2 hours of hostile remarks and badgering that the Politician has just gone thru, they just show them reacting finally to all that was just thrown at them.(this comment is from someone who has been in the Parliment often; not as a Politician but as an intercessor)
I AM NOT FOR WAR, KILLING OR INJUSTICE but I have noticed something that seems to be in ways just as bad.
Calling PM Steven Harper a fool, among other things I believe is wrong according to Matt. 5:21,22.
I Tim 2:1,2 tells us to pray for those in authority,whether we agree with them or not. Name calling gets us nowhere. It does not bring glory to God and it does not bring justice and mercy to those in need. According to Rm 13:1,2 God is the one who puts people in authority ( even though we think we do because we have a vote).
What makes us any better than they are if we are killing them with our words or in our thoughts.
We can pat ourselves on the back and say well done, good word ... but I wonder what Jesus is saying when we slander Politicians.
If we want to see justice for those in Iraq and other places then we need to actively pursue it. God is love and He actively pursues us. Love is active. Actively speak to the Leaders in gentleness and kindness in / with the fruits of the Spirit, respecting the Leaders and the position that God has put them in. Actively petition them to change laws or actions. Actively give aide to those in need and go and help.
Above all PRAY there is so much power in prayer. Countries have been changed because of it.
We can say we disagree but as Christ followers we need to be careful what words we choose. And be careful we are not slandering and reacting like the world does.
If we saw Bush or another Politician face to face would we see Jesus in them? How would we treat them, what words would we say to them? Would Jesus be patting us on the back saying well done??? I don't believe Jesus ever slandered the Politicians of His day. I think the only ones He spoke out against were the religious leaders, the ones who said they were speaking for God. The ones who were suppose to be there to lead people to God, not leading a nation.
Well that's it.

God Bless you!

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