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July 20, 2006



Only since I posted this article did the myth of proportionality manifest itself so clearly to me in the current battle between Israel and Lebanon. As the conservative Christian right justifies mass destruction of civilian targets in the name of biblical covenants, end times eschatology, and the "war on terror," both Augustine's rules of Just War and the international laws of the Geneva Convention are unceremoniously discarded [by both sides]. By definition, both the Israeli army and the Hesbollah are committing war crimes in the name of self-defence while religious extremists from both sides cheer them on in the name of the God of Abraham. Horrific.



Well said Brad.

For those who live in the realm of the Kingdom war is no longer a tennable platform to stand on. We are called to be peace makers, to be those who live according to the commands that Jesus gave us: Love God. Love your neighbour. Love your enemy. Forgive those who sin against you. The Sermon on the Mount seems to make it quite clear that as disciples of Christ we are to bring the revolutionary love of the kingdom of heaven into this world. Trying to justify the savage violence of war with theories and theology is the wrong focus for any Christian to take. Our focus should be on peace and love. The challenge we face is how to put these into genuine action; to take them to the front lines of this violent ridden world and sow the message and power of the Gospel in those dark and suffering places.


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