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July 06, 2006



I am so grateful for the thought and love that went into this post. Thank-you


The updated webpage dedicated to Vancouver's missing women is: http://www.missingpeople.net/home.html


I apologize for any inaccuracy in my previous post. I believe it was THE VANCOUVER POLICE BOARD and not the RCMP (as I had written) that offered the reward for the missing women. Please see http://www.missingpeople.net to honour these missing women. Please pray for their children and families.


But why did the killing go on for so long? And why did so many women die? Why? Is it too late for justice? And did Willie Pickton act alone? Of course not!

So, where is the justice? The truth was being told for years and who listened? Who is listening now?

Only after being dismissed by Police and told that their family member's were not missing and only after these families refused to give up, did the RCMP finally resolve to offer a sizeable reward of $100,000 CAN for finding these murdered and missing women. Only then did we notice and women are still missing...

Forgive Pickton? Forgive the RCMP? Forgive ourselves? Forgive God? Forgive those who were silent? Forgive our Canadian apathy? Women were missing and murdered and someone knew it. Forgive those who didn't speak up.


Let's more than forgive. Let's make sure this never happens again, ever.

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