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July 13, 2006


Wayne Northey

Hi Paul!

Five years later, I'll respond. This after your urging me to read another book critiquing "restorative justice" so central to the Gospel as compellingly presented by Chris Marshall in "Beyond Retribution" noted above. I reviewed that book you urged me to read (with disapproval), here:

I am not "ad hominem" towards C.S. Lewis and others: on the contrary, I respect for instance greatly Lewis' pointing to the ancient routes/roots of Christian theology ultimately centred on Christ.

I am however critical of these authors for missing so significantly the centrality of "peace" in the New Testament - reprised in the ancient church traditions. (A classic website on this is "In Communion: Website of the Orthodox Peace Fellowship", found here: http://www.incommunion.org/.) The best recent (massive) treatment of this is by Willard Swartley, reviewed here:

Jesus' "yellow journalism" in Matthew 23 does embolden one, if respectful towards, say, a Nicodemus...

I wish you well.


Paul Erickson

Sigh, Wayne, when you critique others for their "misuse" of scripture, you really need to be more circumspect yourself. Your scandelous treatment of Lewis and others defames the one you claim to serve.

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