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December 03, 2006


Scott Hicks


I agree with this article you have written, but one thing I must point-out is this:

Diefenbaker was not Canada's Head of State.

Her Majesty the Queen is. Only her.

Good post otherwise. Although the Chief was Macdonaldian in his Nationalism, he did show a typically Western-Canadian liberal side - as in his codification of a Bill of Rights, which was a silly devolopment as we already had the protection of the British Constitution working for us.

dg hicks

Harper has reformed the state run wheat board, championed freedom of rights, stood for our troops....Which is an elaborate way of saying: Harper is a Republican. Forget Holy Spirit: more like "Holy Shit!". Funny, but Harper is more a manifestation of Grant's description of a Liberal than he is a Conservative. Someone who is speeding contintental integration whilst making reference to national platitudes.

Andrew Lauman

"Harper and clan are eager and keen to bow low to the New Romans and their Caesar."

Harper is following a suit of compassionate conservatism that we have not seen in this country for a long time. Harper has pushed forward reforms that will change the agricultural landscape of our country for the much better, campagned for religious freedom of rights in the same sex marriage debate, stood for our troops in a war that isn't easily defined and has continued to reform Canada's government against corruption.

It is unfortunate that a man of your talent and understanding is not engaged in fervent prayer for such an outstanding leader. Who will help through the Holy Spirit, could be someone great. In this thread, you tread where angels fear to go.

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