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January 09, 2007



Nice to see someone shed some light on and begin to understand things that don't make literal sence to all of us, but without people like Eric we may not be privy to the mysteries and sometimes unspoken venues that Christ speaks to us. Our evangelical culture has set up so many roadblocks to these issues that are as relavent as your preacher on Sun. I find comfort in hearing trurth instead of being told truth.


I would like to thank a man like Eric for continuing to listen and welcome the words that he has recieved, and not shy away but investigate them and allow them to sit with him and let time work it out in his life.
As a more literal minded indiviudual I am not privy to have recieved words from the Spirit and maybe count it a blessing as the Lord knows what is best for my spirit and what I can handle. But,I count it a blessing that their are people who can and are able to recieve and interpret these words that they recieve, it shows the diversity of believers and that my friend is the greatsest blessing for myself.
Thanks again for bearing you heart for us to learn and be blessed.


What can I do with so-called "words from God" that really didn't jive with me?

donelda  Seymour

Great article Eric. This was a good reminder to me. I realized I've put a few there on the shelf myself. Actually,I found myself weeping after I read this article. I thought about what it would be like to speak treasures to someone you loved only to see the person totally discount them or forget them. I could see a picture in my minds eye of a lover giving roses to a loved one and watching in dismay as she threw them in the garbage can. This article was a wake up call for us to realize that we have at times done the same thing with the words God's spoken to us.

This was a lovely invitation for us to repent, and it was a powerful invitation from God to draw near and be like Mary who "pondered these things in heart". I for one now realize I need to go back and re- visit some prophecies that I have been given- to take them off the shelf, hide them in my heart and entrust myself completely into his hands-prophetic words and all.


After reading this article and the comments, I went into prayer with Jesus. We took my prophetic words off my shelf, then burned the shelf.

I turned around from the blackened space and said, "Now I don't have anywhere to put these words" (which looked like trophies).

Jesus replied, "Yes you do. Hide them in your heart." There's my treasure chest.

Dennis L' aRRIVEE

Wow awesome insight I have been given personal words & have given personal words but I see so many people robbed because of their unbelief that the Father would talk to them


Thanks Eric for bringing insight to the issue of prophetic words for i too have put words on the shelf because i felt unworthy or did not know how they could be fulfilled.
I also believe God can redeem those words that have been said that we have put on the shelf
As you said "Get rid of the shelf" and i believe this is done through repentance of not believing that God is big enough to fulfill His spoken word to us.


It seems prophecy was not given it's due place in my Mennonite faith journey, past or present. At least, not consciously. I've never expected to actually hear from God the way Eric describes. I feel a deepening sense of deprivation. How can I avail myself to the Spirit's voice?

David Owens

So timely and so true.
Frankly, I must have a small library worth of words, stored away (or forgotten)! Hopefully they've only gathered dust and not been lost.
Now I see how the shelf relates to how self-orientated I am. Most of the time I'm less likely to put a 'humble' word on the shelf, as I would deem myself as more likely (or worthy) to receive it, as if it had anything to do with my worth in the first place.
But accept an invitation? I can do that!
Thank you Eric & Brad.


I started on the journey of the prophetic last summer. Since then, I believe I've come a long way. But the shelf has been always in the picture as a safety net, and I've even encouraged the people to whom I've prophesied to take the shelf approach.

Boy, am I glad I read your article tonight (thanks to Brad and his newsletter that he even sent out early). Thank you, Eric, for your words of wisdom. :)

Brad Jersak

By the way, I was the culprit it the story... and I am so pleased to say, "I stand corrected." Thanks for loving me enough to get in my face, Eric. People should have friends like I have.



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