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July 28, 2007



Ward, you have a powerful story. You may have more to contribute than you realize to the Kingdom of God. Our pain can help others especially when we are open to God to allow Him to use it in a way to help others progress in their walk with Jesus.

Niall MacTaggart

Dear brother Ward,
I was impressed b your comments and I do hope that you will continue to grow in the love Agape of God in all wisdom and revelation as you obey our Father. However, I do concur with Linda and her comments have a good cadence and I believe are true and faithful to the Name of the Lord.
True, much of the church is in a dire state of immaturity, yet I am greatly encouraged by the words of her bridegroom who said, "I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not . . ."
This takes the weight off me amd helps me to be in His yolk.
May the Father Himself continue to mature agape in you as you soldier on for Him.
God speed!

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