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October 02, 2007


Eric H Janzen

I hear what your saying, but my first question to someone who was leaving a church because they felt the community they were a part of was being led into a wrong season would be: why are you leaving? If you feel so strongly that it is the wrong direction then shouldn't you at least stay awhile and try to do something about it? Now if your voice falls on stubborn ears and you no longer fit into that family, then I would not oppose someone leaving. But if we are not willing to commit to our churches with enough love to say "Hey wait a minute, this doesn't feel right. Anybody else feeling that way?" then why bother going to any church?

That sounds a bit harsher than I mean it. Of course it is true that not everyone that changes churches is a 'glory hunter' and the article is not about those situations where we are called to make a change. That is very different from what I meant by 'church hopping'. Church hoppers are those that never really stay long enough to form any kind of relationship with others.

Thanks for you comment! I really appreciate people's feed back and comments.


josh g.

Thanks for the very well-put explanation of a very important distinction.

One caveat I'd add: while glory-hunters are likely to church-hop and miss the point when God brings a dry season, it's dangerous to assume that someone who appears to be church-hopping out of a dry place is therefore a glory-hunter. (Hmm, is that sentence convoluted enough?) I think there are times when those whose hearts are close to God need to get themselves out of a place which is being led into a wrong dryness; perhaps one which God never asked that community to pass through in the first place. It's easy for us to equate staying in one place with faithfulness when it may be nothing more than complacency; although of course there are times when faithfulness does ask you to stay put.

But I guess the answer to this is discernment through relationship with God, which just leads back to the whole point of this topic anyway.

(Does that make sense to others? I'm still working this one out, please let me know if this sets off spiritual warning bells.)

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