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October 02, 2007



Marvelous article. Now I know I AM hearing from God.

Elizabeth Ross

Wow! Thank you for sharing this. Surely this article itself was inspired by God. Thank you for expressing all that you expressed, and sharing personal examples. I have also experienced God's voice and I wanted to see whether others had written on the subject. It can be difficult to talk or write about, because from what I know it is a rather rare experience for most people. Plus there are those stories about "schizophrenic people who 'hear' God and other voices." I know that I am not schizophrenic, and my experiences with God's voice have been exactly like the ones you described. I even faced criticism from Christian friends who balked at the idea that I could have "heard God" audibly or seen a vision.

Through that I realized that many people who have an encounter with God will choose only to share relevant parts with others, rather than tell the entire story to others who may not understand. I learned this by reading through the scriptures. In particular, the story of Abraham and Isaac showed me that he had a private, personal experience with God and did not tell his servants or (possibly) the rest of his family all about it. They merely observed what they observed. That can be an important part of a conversation with God, or experiencing His word, is to remember that it is a personal experience. If it needs to be shared with other people, God will provide the right opportunity so that it may increase their faith and yours.

God Bless.

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