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November 03, 2007


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Brad Jersak

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your comments. I tend to read eclectically... from the Pope to the atheist to the postmodern to the liberal to the evangelical, all represented above. I don't see reading as aligning, but my eyes are open for truth and my ears are open to others' points of view. Without apology, the words of Christ are my standard for testing what I read. Having said all that, do you have any recommended readings for me?

By the way, I take it that you disapprove of liberals (whatever that is). I'm not so sure that it's a helpful or even accurate label. The 'liberals' that I hang out with are deeply passionate Christians, extremely careful biblical scholars, and powerfully compassionate activists. I'm proud to co-labor in the kingdom with them. I'd recommend getting to know some.



Steve van Dop

Brad, I can't help but think that you need a whole new line of books or "book" to read.Walking close to or on the edge of liberal theology just doesn't cut it. If a person was to err in his theology, why would he align himself with post modernity and atheists instead of strong bible based teachers-theologians?

Steve v.

Ross Bishop

Enjoyed your book comments/reviews. I have a new book coming out that you might be interested in reading. It is entitled, Journey to Enlightenment. If you'll send me more info I'll forward to you.

Ross Bishop

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