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May 29, 2008


Florian Berndt

What wise words! This has been an answer to some of the issues I've been going through right now...

debra mckenzie

Thanks Brad again for sorting through the "stuff" and pointing the way to Jesus. I especially needed to hear Eden's vision. Last summer I heard myself say when asked about how things are going etc. "Let me be honest with you." I thought afterward, Father have I not been honest with people? What have I been doing these past 8 years in leadership that couldn't or wouldn't give me the space to say honestly "I don't want to do this." Now this is where I would look at my heart and say; "girl, I don't like what I hear." Then all of a sudden Jesus would come along and show me stuff we have done together and how I was always, always amazed at His life in me. My heart would sometimes condemn me, but Jesus brings life!

Fred Rubio

When times are rough as they for many its good to know that there is a source to go to to not refresh your face but your soul and the path you are on. and maybe redirect your thought process to realize that all the glitter is not gold.
I live by something I heard from a young man of God " he gives us what we need not what we want"

Phil Scott

This is an helpfully articulate explanation of what is sometimes a confusing, nuanced concept, culminating in a strong reminder that living out of a healthy heart is possible only as a by-product of a healthy relationship with Jesus - Thanks Brad!


This was really helpful to me.
Thank you.


What a relief to read your article.
You condensed into these few paragraphs what I have been sensing deeply, but struggling to find words for.
Thanks for affirming the value of our heart, but also reminding us that it is not God.
Wisdom is a Person. I want to recognise and follow His voice (among the many voices) in my heart.


This article feels like a cup of wisdom from the Lord's table (free refills).
Well said!
Thank you.

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