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May 19, 2008



You completely ignore the moral power and moral stature of Peter Dale Scott's work, while you have gathered some of the facts of his life.

Yes, "All societies are monstrous. They would not survive if that were not so." - Joseph Campbell.

But they can become better. That is the hope of the United States and the centuries of slow improvement. And that is what those with clear vision, whom you name, urge.

Referring to them as a 'tribe' is just a way to dismiss and belittle them, and to ignore that hope. It is to be an enabler of evil, on which Scott shines a light on so ably.

Your first fourteen paragraphs are reasonable. But they only set the stage for the last three, which in my opinion are pure shill disinformation.

Campbell adds "The world is a mess. It has always been a mess. A lot of people want to fix the world and then everything will be fine. That will never happen. The trick is to find the still point within yourself. Where you can live with joy, amongst the sorrows of the world" - Joseph Campbell. See Power of Myth, Mythos http://www.jcf.org/

Which doesn't mean that you can't help to roll forward the stone of progress in whatever form you choose. But it's a much easier job if you have found that place, within yourself.

Plus anyone inoculated by Joseph Campbell is immune to the rubbish that passes for propaganda. Which this piece may, or may not, be.

On reviewing the 'article' again, it would make more sense if written from some file on Scott, rather than after reading and digesting his work. Hence the pseudo-psychological references to his relations with his father?

Overall, a very poor job.

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