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July 31, 2008



I was reminded of an excerpt from Margaret Atwood's novel, "The Robber Bride," in which a Canadian character, Charis (sort of a granola girl) is reflecting on her draft-dodging boyfriend, Billy:

He'd thought it was going to be more or less the same on this side of the border as on the other side, only safer, and when it turned out that it wasn't either one of those things he was confused and upset. He realized he'd done something monumental, something he couldn't reverse; that he'd landed himself in exile, perhaps forever. He'd made life hard for his family--they'd supported his decision about the draft but not about the other stuff, the explosives, and they were getting what he called "a lot of flak." Also, he'd deserted his country, a notion that has a good deal more meaning for him than it does for Charis, because in Billy's schools they started the day with their hands over their hearts, saluting their flag, instead of praying to God as they did at Charis's schools. For Billy his country WAS a kind of God, an idea that Charis found idolatrous and even barbaric. She finds the standard God with his white beard and anger and lamb sacrifices and death angels barbaric too, of course. She has gone beyond all that. Her God is oval.


it seems to me that for years and years we have been living alongside a forgotten truth.

and now the full word, the alpha word, is coming to light.

the first truth and intention is resurfacing.
"the potency of Jesus words" revealed.
O blessed cross... restore me to my Teacher.

Al - thank you, this is rich.

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