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July 04, 2008


Carol Freeman

When I type in www.hakani.org the page goes to https://www.atini.org.br/ and it's in Portuguese and I don't know Portuguese.

Is there another way I can watch this movie?


ron urban

All children are gift from above, weather they are born normal or not, or even their parents are not married, they dont deserve to be burried alive. Its not their fault, preserving cultural beliefs like that is such a criminal act and those who still do the practice must be punished and kill. They dint have a hearts. How come, the cultural beliefs is much important than the lives of children????? They must stopped the practice and give loved for childrens and babies, all people have their own time to die in the right time, just let them live a normal life. Childrens arr gift, and hope. Pls. Save all of them

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