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July 01, 2008


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John Plummer

I disagree with the way Heschel writes, he mystifies the Lord. It's like Heschel is saying, "The Lord is personal, He has emotions. But let's not get carried away with humanizing Him." I say we are created in His image and that He is more personal than we are. We are less human than He is. God is the standard to live up to. Perhaps what it means to be truly human is to be more like God and less like an animal. God wants desperately to bring us up to His level, and He communicates directly to and through the prophets to tell them how to have this rich, wonderful personal relationship with Him, and stop being animals.

Michael Ooten

Since reading 'The Prophets' I have grown to appreciate and love this author. He is fresh and refreshing to my soul. It is good to see a Jewish man write in a balanced way of the character of God in a plain, profound but understanding way. We need more of his kind.

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