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November 02, 2009


Tamera Goller

I read this article quite some time ago but I want to take a stab at commenting. I too have been in an extended season of learning "it's not all about me". I recognize the work of the craver in it due to it's fruit but somehow I never named it for what IT was (perhaps too caught up in the layers of learning that Abba Father was bringing me through). I only want to add an experience to what has been said as that is all I have to offer. In rereading your article Brad I was stopped short when u talked about the fruit of the craver. I had a dream one night that stayed with me, which is my cue to pay attention and bring it to Jesus. I wrote it out but was at a loss for an interpretation. Over a few days I gradually understood in part but it seems now, the craver's fruit is the clearer interpretation. I experienced the effects of pride and self righteousness but the hardest fruit to swallow was the attempt to gain another's sympathy. I was literally sick with embarressment at what I had done when it was exposed but even then stumbled poorly over an apology. Now the part of my dream that I was left with, however, was after acknowledging those false voices I was left with such a thrill of freedom. The words that kept going through my head was "I am free to just be me loving You". No matter what life had thrown at me or how I'd responded I had that option! I couldn't figure out that ending as completely as now. Abba Father sent me a picture that would stay with me enough to get written down and thought about... only to be later blogged recently which served to bring it again to the forefront of my mind, and to coincide with Brad sharing this link. My Dad is willing to interpret and help me understand things at the right time. You know just when you think you have learned a lesson He teaches you the same thing again but at a deeper or clearer level. My "it's not all about me" instruction has turned from acceptance of it, to survival through it, to now battling in His Spirit and power... the act of co-witnessing the Truth. I love the comment about having more of the Kingdom word ringing in our ears for I have been captivated by his words in the beatitudes and let me assure you all that none of it is attainable without learning to listen to Jesus' voice and turning our back upon the craver. Perhaps that's why He started with ... (The Divine life is when we die to self) a.k.a. blessed are the poor in spirit FOR theirs IS the Kingdom of heaven (for they can start to become like Jesus live like Him). I don't know if you have noticed but the way I've been hearing it without that first one none of the others will be taking place.

Hywel Rhys

An example of what Brad sheds light on here is how we read Romans 8:11-17. The Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead dwells within us to give life to our mortal bodies. It is this self same Spirit that within us cries Abba! Dad!
Many of us however listen to that inner voice that says, "I don't hear this Abba within" or massage a self pitying rejection in some other way. We desire with a passionate longing to be consummated by Dad's love, but our ego won't allow it because it would shatter the lie that somehow I am beyond God's fathering love and adoption.
Paul shows us how the Spirit provides an a priori answer to this drain from the flesh:
'When we cry, "Abba! Father!" it is that very Spirit bearing witness with our spirit that we are children of God.'
Co-witnessing - his Spirit witnessing with my spirit to an eternal truth. When I actively co-witness with this spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, his dynamic adoption life kicks in. When I choose not to allow or I'm not in agreement with this life giving Spirit then it is all of death, theft and destruction.
That part of 'me' that is not in agreement with this life giving witness must be brought into submission, through repentance and choosing not to listen to it.
Repentance is not merely a turning away from believing a lie, it must also be a co-witnessing with his Truth brought to life by the Spirit.
Surely this is that living sacrifice and spiritual service/reasonable service that Paul commends to us, that leads to a renewed and transformed mind and life? This is the way to knowing his good pleasing and perfected will in 'my' life.
Moses put it this way: Deut 30:19
"Choose life so that you and your descendants may live"

Another take on Mark 4 is Jesus tells us to take heed to what we hear/listen to. The thrust of his teaching is very much that we need to give a large measure to listening to his kingdom word, that we may receive a large measure of kingdom mystery in revelation and understanding. However it is surely as true that we should take heed what we should not listen to, that may grow up and choke the word planted and received within us.
In this way, the disciples should not have 'heard' the voice telling them they were about to drown, and rather pay heed to Jesus words of intent that they were to cross over to the other side.
I've spent the last few months in a serial moment of 'getting over myself'.

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