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February 23, 2010


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The most change has come to my heart when I've sung my complaints to God. He's never hung up on me yet :)


I think hated and vengeance belongs to God so we should keep giving it to him. I think he goes after the devil's lies not people. I think God always finds ways to love us his ways not ours what do you think?


Is Brueggemann brandishing that watch as prayer beads or brass knuckles? This is the very ambiguity of imprecatory psalms.

"Let the reader understand."


Brueggemann is relentlessly honest with what's in the text, making us see what's there (vengeance, violence and all) and then shows us why and what for before we get the editorial scissors out. In truth, evangelical avoidance ... pretending the 'ugly' texts don't exist ... is certainly no different than certain liberal tendencies to simply say they shouldn't be there. Brueggemann unabashedly grapples with these kind of issues ... I commend the DVDs to anyone who wants a fresh look at the OT.

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