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April 29, 2010



like what you said to eric. cheers,
Jeannie M hinsley

Eric H Janzen

I think you are right on track (ha ha). God has been changing the Church for awhile now and the message is as you have described. Learn to love your neighbor as yourself and start serving others.
Vying for political power in God's name just isn't appropriate anymore...as if it ever was...The world is suffering because the Church has not been following her prophetic role, which is to be the salt and light of the Gospel...the message bearers of Christ's profound love, forgiveness, hope, and transformation.

I don't think that this is a change occurring strictly in the USA either...it is a change that is being heard wherever Christians are honestly asking the hard questions regarding authentic faith vs. just another 'system' to live by.

good stuff Brian..thx.

eric h janzen

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