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June 14, 2010


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"Can you befriend people of other faiths?"

Huh? Is that a rhetorical question? Of course! (I can even befriend people of other political orientations. ;-)

BTW, my wife discovered this site last night (Vladyka Lazar's paper on "The Neurobiology of Sin") and I am extremely pleased that she did. I have linked it on my blog. Kudos!

Carl Medearis

Carl Medearis here - the co Author of Tea with Hezbollah and author of Muslims, Christians and Jesus. Lived and loved in Beirut for 12 years. I don't just "love" Muslims in some theological sense, i actually like them. Enjoy their company. Maybe even prefer them, Is that allowed? :)

Karin Armstong

I am reading "Tea with Hezbollah" by Carl Medearis and Ted Dekker. Your 'statement' reflects the theme of this book which I can not put down. It moves me deeply.

Logan Runnalls

Really appreciate this. Good work.

I don't think you need "We believe our faith truly practiced need never be at odds with humanitarian ideals." It's too close to Bonhoeffer's Pharisees who made doing good into an idol. If humanitarianism is a standard than we are not dealing with a Christian (or Jewish or Muslim) ethic no matter how good it is.

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