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June 13, 2010


Mark Northey

Just to clarify that last comment was from me- Mark Northey- not my dad (who was signed in by default I guess).


Brian Zahnd

Thank you, Ron. I always find your posts interesting and insightful.

Wayne Northey

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Hello Ron-
I really appreciated this review; I think you have gotten right at the heart of Fr Alexandar's weakness, even while appreciating his strength. I have been encouraged to find some scathing and deeply probing critique of the (modern) Republican Party (and its ethos), by some of the more politically (classically) Conservative Orthodox in the blogosphere (I'm thinking of the Ochlophobist; Second Terrace; and Information and Belief weblogs in particular).
Nevertheless it is a great sadness that early Orthodox immigrants to America failed to look deeper than the surface "moral issues" they agreed with in the Republican party, and thus in their efforts to 'Americanize' their faith this has been the party of favour (perhaps less so among Greeks). Only at a superficial level can one comfortably associate theological conservatism with (what passes for) political conservatism. And yet- given that Orthodoxy is of course theologically conservative- the demographic that tends to convert, tends also to bring their "political baggage" with them. Since most of us tend to *be* superficial in our faith, this baggage tends to be Republican baggage.
It will be many many decades- if not a century even- before 'the mystical theology of the Orthodox Church' really settles in to the bones of the living stones She is being populated with here in North America. Until then, we who see differently just love and suffer with each other. :)

Thanks again for an insightful commentary;
-Mark Basil

(PS you never did respond to my question about the "evidence" that James was the biological brother of Jesus.)

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