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May 14, 2011



I agree with the last comment. E.g. church ushers.

1. My mom says that the first time she ever attended a church, what won her heart was not the music or the speaker or anything else that happened in the sanctuary. She has no recollection of that. It was the warmth and welcome she got from the ushers.

2. I heard a story about a time when Gandhi was in South Africa and intended to attend an Andrew Murray meeting. He was a leading evangelist at the time and very much about open access to God's presence. Unfortunately, an usher turned him away at the door because of the colour of Gandhi's skin.


I heard a man speak this weekend about encounters he had when he was young and searching. He met a transit driver (a partner with God?). This transit driver shared a little bit about Jesus and told Patrice that should check Him out. He gave him a New Testament to read. The encounters that he had with the bus driver were very brief, but life changing. Patrice is now a church planter in the province of Quebec. Sometimes, I get to thinking about the things that others do for God and I do not think that I have much to offer but this was a good illustration for me that we never know how God will use us to fulfill his purposes. Partners with God, that gives me a lot to think about


Like )


As much as this is heartwarming, I invite it to be life changing. It is all good and well to pray "God, please draw close to.."
but we are the ones in close proximity, we are His partners.

Thank you for this excellent reminder.

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