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May 05, 2011


k. w.

If there are any photos... Probably the man was dead years ago. I don't see why people are so quick to believe propaganda which perpetuates war.

For the most part, people were either shouting "Praise the Lord! Bin Laden's dead!" (which upset me) or saying something like what Brad has written here (which I thought beautiful). But both responses kinda miss the big picture.

War is evil. Innocent people are dying all over the place due to it. It's not stopping, even though this one evil dude was purportedly killed.

I didn't really like the idea that Jesus might've approved if 9-11 victims had received war spoils. If someone killed my family, I wouldn't want some so-called heroes killing a bunch of other people's families just so they could get me some filthy money and capture the murderer. I'd want peace and freedom.

But then, I'm fairly naive, and my perspective might be quite wrong. I thought the rest was beautiful.


When I heard that OBL had been killed, and saw the celebrations over it, I felt sick. I wonder how many Christians joined the celebrations, how many had prayed for this day to come?

Did the disciples pray for Saul's death, the persecutor of the Church?

What if they got what they wished for?

Or did the Church pray for him? Forgive him?

What if the Church today had prayed for Osama? Would he have had a Damascus road too? That, I believe, would have been Divine Justice. But then we would have HAD to forgive him, welcome him as a brother.

I guess a bullet to the head was a lot easier...


thank you for helping us to see better.

Divine Justice knows who we are.

that is why Divine Justice kindly and wisely tells us to forgive as we are forgiven.

but don't think i don't understand how difficult that is.

blessings y'all.

Ted Hill

Thanks Brad for this! It is a great expansion on the MLK Jr. quote - which is good, just too easy to repost on Facebook! Thanks for your investment in justice and calling us to consider it deeply and honestly.

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