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July 19, 2011


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I can't imagine that Yoder would find things much improved today...

One of my goals at the Manly Theology blog is to articulate a spirituality for men that is nonviolent, egalitarian, and liberating for men and indeed all human beings regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. I find the "kick ass Jesus" masculine spirituality that seems so popular among certain segments of the Evangelical population quite troubling...

Florian Berndt

It is sad how often we - especially as men - equate violence with strength. Thinking about it, what took more strenght for Jesus, to die on the cross or just call a legion of angels to get Him out of His coming suffering? He didn't sweat blood for nothing. I mean, if you want to see a real heroe, have a closer look at Christ.

My son probably sees me never as stronger than when I am carrying him on my shoulders, and yet there is no brutality involved, but certainly a deep sense of trust, intimacy, and gentleness. I doubt that he would look at me with the same respect and childlike awe if he saw me punch someone's light out.

We all need to know that our Dad is strong - yes, stronger than anyone else - but who can honestly relate in deep trust and with great personal respect to a violent, brutal guy, who takes pleasure in shorten other peoples lives. No, Jesus is the only Way, and the picture of true masculinity!

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