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August 12, 2011


Wayne Northey

Thanks Brian!

This was very powerful! The Western Church has been heretical (like the Pharisees in their entrenched false religious choices) for so many centuries, and so ubiquitously/iniquitously on this great-gulf-fixed divide of God the eternal Lover and Restorer of our souls versus God the Sentencing Judge, that Western Christendom with devastating consequences simply lost its way - as far back as Augustine.

Tragically, Augustine's Pharisaical false choice/false gospel teaching dominated Western Roman Catholicism and Protestantism/Evangelicalism ever since. To now sound the sweet biblical note by contrast to most Christian leaders in the West creates impossible dissonance and presents as "heretical". What a perversion/inversion of the Gospel that "amazing grace/how sweet the sound" has been transposed into "amazing retributive justice/how sour the cacophony!" One has "eyes to see/ears to hear" this travesty or one does not. This travesty that leads to the triple evil of the Western Church's embrace/endorsement of "just war", "just retribution", and "just hell" is the ultimate bane of Western Christendom's anti-Christ anti-Gospel.

I posted a link to your podcast onto our Restorative Justice website (http://m2w2.com/wp/ - see http://m2w2.com/wp/about-m2w2/restorative-justice/, "M2/W2 Promotional Materials") here: http://wolc.com/podcast/god-is-like-jesus/. I entitled it: "God is Like Jesus: The Spiritual Heart of Restorative Justice".

Thanks and blessings!


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