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August 23, 2011



His death is, dare I say it, scary for Canada.

He was often the conscience in our Parliament, the voice that resisted knee-jerk calls to war and the one who pressed the PM to the apology to the First Nations people. We would do well to believe in the call to peacemaking and reconciliation that Layton lived.

Eric H Janzen

The death of Mr. Jack Layton has left me feeling very sad. It feels like not only the valuable life of a man willing to be a leader has been lost, but something of what he symbolized as well. As you read through his letter you are struck by his commitment to a better society that focuses on caring for those in need. You hear how he believes in a just society and the importance of positive reputation on the global stage for Canada (a reputation severely tarnished by the Harper clan). While I was not an NDP supporter for reasons unimportant here, I certainly find common ground in valuing social justice and equality, caring for those in need of support on all levels, and a Canada known for peace and not war. I hope that God will raise a leader in the NDP who shares Jack Layton's passion for Love Hope and Optimism and compassion. I also hope that his too early death is not a sign to us that we have crossed a line as a nation from which we cannot return.


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