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August 25, 2011


Idrian B

To Mr Dart and Mr Jersak:

Thank you very much for your replies! It has encouraged me to continue reading this website and has revealed to me that Red Toryism is not just limited to English Canada.


Ron Dart

Dear Idrian,

You might be interested to know that Grant’s father wrote an excellent book on the French, Canada and Quebec, and the BC public educational system would not allow it to be used in schools. Grant tended to be quite worried about the way English speaking Canada had capitulated to the modern liberal ethos, whereas Grant saw in the more conservative (conservative in the deeper sense of the word) pre-60s Quebec the last hold out against liberal modernity. I co-edited a book a few years ago for University of Toronto Press called, ‘Athens and Jerusalem: George Grant’s Theology, Philosophy, and Politics’. The tome has 2 good articles in it on Grant and Quebec: ‘Grant and Quebec’ and ‘Echoes of George Grant in Late Boomer Critiques of Post-Quiet Revolution Quebec’. I’m sure you’d find both articles informed and instructive.
Ron Dart

Brad Jersak

Thanks for this comment, Idrian. I will press Prof Dart to respond as well, but I would just say for now that the Conservatism of George Grant, for example, would definitely include a solid backstory in, and dependence on, Quebec.

If you visit http://www. theowlgeorgegrant.blogspot.com, the third item down is a classic interview with Grant, in which he says that Canada (and its conservative tradition) 'cannot be thought' apart from Quebec.

We would welcome further comments from you on this from a Quebecer's point of view. Thank you!

Idrian B.

Hello Mr Dart. I am a regular visitor to this site from Surrey, BC. Although I do not agree or believe all of what is said here (or rather have a difficult time in accepting them), I have to say that this site is different from other sites that I've visited. Maybe it is the "holiness" or "spirituality" of it. Anyway, I want to ask if this site, this journal has links or relations to any organisation or journal in Quebec. I think, I guess that for this website - or the cause of true, genuine conservatism or Toryism - to even be spread and made known to Canadians, Quebec conservatism and its nature & history must be taken into account and looked at. May our God bless this journal and all those involved in it.

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