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May 17, 2012


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Eric H Janzen

Sounds like an interesting read. I recently saw a portion of a documentary wherein the film maker took an even broader view, claiming that economics has been at the core of all human history as we've formed our various civilizations, cultures, and societies. For example, you state above that Medieval Europe was a monoculture based on religion. I think a closer historical read would find economics, wearing the mask of religion, not only alive and well but using religion expertly. That isn't to suggest Religion wasn't or isn't a powerful force in its own right, but economics tends to use what is at hand. Considering that the wealthiest and most powerful institutions in Medieval Europe were the churches means they were closely tied to the economics of the time.
Human interaction on both a macro and micro scale is based on the exchanges we make (which is probably the most basic definition of economics). A contemplative response at any time in history requires not only an openness to God but also and understanding of what He is like and what the kingdom is like. Thus another clash between the kingdom of heaven and the system of this world is set up ie: The monoculture of economics vs. the monoculture of the kingdom of heaven. Contemplative prayer responds by immersing the spirit in the Way of Jesus, living the style of life that he revealed to us and living according to the culture of the kingdom that always puts love of God and neighbour ahead of economic considerations.

enough rambling,


lot's to think about. i'll get the book. sounds like it hits at the very heart of our culture and the way we think. thanks Jeff.

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