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July 13, 2012


Florian Berndt

Funny that! I was just sharing the very same thing yesterday. What a confirmation...

Bryce Leggett

I'm reminded when Jesus asks the Pharisee's who told them to flee from the coming wrath?

Jesus was pointing out their elevated morality as something sinful.

Jesus was saying to them, wait! Remember! You weren't even capable of seeing you were living in sin that was going to condemn you, the Father revealed it to you, and even after that you weren't able to save yourself, he had to save you.

You were bankrupt, you couldn't see it, and you had no ability to pay it back.

You didn't think you needed to flee from the coming wrath, and you couldn't save yourself. You're the sons of hell.

Who told you to flee from the coming wrath? God opened your blind eyes so you could see you were headed down a path to death, and you gave yourself a pat on the back and elevated your "holiness" as something that had anything to do with you.

Blind people cannot choose to see.

You're pride is a worse sin than your immorality. The prostitutes are entering the kingdom before you because the prostitutes know they are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind, and naked.

Who told you to flee from the coming wrath? God did. My salvation has nothing to do with me, I can't even save myself if I wanted to.

Who is this man who is the image of the Father, and what a blessing we can see him and know him. He's nothing like me, he's full of mercy.

Thanks Brian.

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