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January 08, 2013


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roger wilkinson

See "I suffer not the woman" by Kroeger and Kroeger, a book which investigates the background at Ephesus and provides a more reasonable translation of the key text. This runs basically like this - "I don't allow the women to usurp authority by teaching that women were created first and therefore should have primacy..." it is this that appears to have been being taught at Ephesus.


i am obviously not going to argue with you as that is not allowed!
Sadly it is often the passivity of men that has led To this current uprising by women in the church - problem is what other scriptural issues will now manifest because 'good men did nothing' and women were busy fighting for their rights that they overlooked praying for boys/men to come into the authority that God has ordained for them.
Abuse inThe church comes from women and men - make no mistake about that- that won't change however much authority women acquire.
Women will abuse women, women will abuse men, men will abuse women, men will abuse men - the church has to find out why this is happening.
On my WTC Kingdom theology course, Bob Ekblad asked us what we could do to overcome the inherent misogyny in the church - he said it's just a fact-part of the Fall. Afterwards I thought two things that would help......
View everywoman as if she is pregnant with Jesus Christ- as Mary was- and as Christian women, filled with The Holy Spirit, we actually are in this holy state.

Don't watch pornography.

Whilst I was on this course - I overheard one of the male students comment to another, as keys/car keys were placed in a bowl(can't exactlyremember why), that he'd always wanted to go to one of 'those parties'-we've got a long way to go....
Young men/men have been failing in many areas of life at the same time women are soaring - I do not think this is the way God would have ordained things - something is wrong and simply equalising men and women won't solve it , though you might be able to implement our law to punish offenders- changing minds is a different matter.
Women have taught men as long as we've been mothers,sisters, grandmothers,aunties and wives.
Might be good to try to discuss what men have taught women,wives, mothers ,sisters?
Something is wrong and it's not fixed by ordaining women or even making them bishops.

Karl Munford

Hi just wondering if you had the time to review my previous post, I still don't see it here. Where I posted regarding 'believing' Women teaching 'believing' men and exercising authority over them? I posted the following video.
Women Bishops - Are there gender-roles in the Church?

I live near Ashill and may be there on the 22nd of February, but suffering with M.E. [Not M.S.] can not be sure, Stephan knows me well and of the video.

It would be good to hear your opinion, as of yet nobody has been able to scripturally oppose my argument in the video, not that I am anything [honestly].. of that I need no convincing... but the scriptures are and if I have understood them correctly, should be adhered to least the Church falls because of the same error of Eve.

All people quote is Galatians 3:28 which clearly states that we are all SAVED the same way [Jew, man. women, greek...], and has nothing to do with our gender roles but everything to do with our salvation. And ignoring whole blocks of text prefer to point out a few obscure events in scripture, this to trash Paul clear commands.

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