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January 15, 2013


Brian Zahnd

Hey, Dan!

Thanks for the kind words.

In the picture I'm on the Chiefshead/Pagoda couloir. It gets real steep at the top.

My youngest son, Philip, who's the real mountaineer. He took the picture. This summer he climbed the Diamond on Longs. (Real mountaineer!)

Keep on Rockin' in the Free World!


Dan Lehman

Thank you again for your wonderful followership of Jesus. Thank you for your words each week. I was encouraged to her my daughter working out in the basement to the sounds of your message this past sunday. How many parents get to complain that the volume is to loud, "turn Brian down!". How wonderful. Anyway, my real curiosity was about the photo i stumbled on of you with your ice axe, and the location of the photo - man if that doesn't look like you are on lambslide glacier running up the south side of Longs peak. I've spent a lot of time climbing, riding and peak bagging in RMNP and indian peaks. So i'm curious where this is? Sandy and I met you Thanksgiving weekend after the sunday morning worship service. Press on my friend. A happy captive Dan

alf penner

The only time Peter used his sword, Jesus rebuked him for it. The lesson I get from that is this: if you are not to use violence to protect even Jesus, then there's no situation where violence is warranted.

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