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December 18, 2013


Ted Hill (@ptedward)

"Centuries rolled by ..."
"Years rolled by ..."

I am stunned this Advent with the "Precarious" nature of God's salvation! It seems at so many moments that it all could have been lost!!!

YET ... "For the first time in forever ..." something completely different has come!

These words of this poem lead me again to Isaiah 40:10-12 which seems, for a moment to give us cause to believe He comes with a "smiting" power --- but it gives way in vs 11 to a gathering, a carrying, a gentle leading ... and vs 12 reminds us that His gathering and carrying and gentle leading have a sovereign power that has no comparison ... "For the first time in forever ..."

Wow ... God is revealing the rich BEAUTY of who He is ... (beauty - see what I did there?)

Thanks BZ and Brad!!!

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