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January 10, 2014


Rene Lafaut

Yeah... the OT is pretty violent on the Jews' side and their enemies. Genocide, revenge, murder, rape, jealousy...etc and intrigues. All the major sins! It is so confusing, if not embarrassing. But God did stand by Moses when others challenged his leadership and when Moses married an Ethiopian. So many of details are missing... hard to judge motives... Israel was sort of like a theocracy (religion mixed with civil government)... and needed a heavy hand often to stay motivated... yet loyalty is inspired not so much commanded. I sort of look at the OT as a story of the Christian life: conversion, purification, fighting for the promised land... eventually prospering... then backsliding... exile.. liberation... and again back into the promised land...! That I see on the surface... but underneath genocide, greed, hatred, anger... but also loyalty, commitment, faith, and love... There is enough in the OT to keep us puzzling confused, unsure of motives... so that we stay humble and don't think we understand it all which is very unhealthy...! Thank God for Jesus and the NT... not that it will be completely understood now... there is enough tension, paradox, and mystery to keep us humble, and merciful to those we are called to love... too bad so many of us harden our hearts to those who are different... guess that is when our exiles begin and we live out the OT in whatever way we are committed to going: permanent exile: or journeying and learning lessons as God grows our hope, faith, and love through humility, hunger, joy, weakness, and commitments.

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