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June 13, 2014


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Will Daly

Perhaps Papal remission of punishment means that one is somehow anesthetized to the purifying and sanctifying fire (because our merciful Lord has offered to sooth those whom Peter asks).

I don't see why Catholics should remove the filioque from our creed. We don't oblige the Orthodox to say it, isn't that enough?

The issue of Patriarchates is most interesting to me, particularly because I know so little about it. But from what I do know—not to touch on a sore point, but I think that election of a Patriarch which is subject to a veto by the Pope is more dignified than election which is subject to a veto by the Turkish government. And even in cases where state power has not entrapped the Patriarchate, there are many solid, simple arguments for Roman primacy.

I know that probably sounds contemptuous, but I don't mean it like that at all. I truly love the orthodox Church; I want Christ's prayer to the Father "that they be one" to be fulfilled. God bless you for your effacement of the distinctions which you rightly recognize as illusory.

Rt. Rev. Romanos V. Russo

The point can be made that papal infallibility, while not depending on the consensus ecclesiae, certainly evolves from the sensus ecclesiae.
Secondly, Pope Benedict XVI’s meditation/sermon on Purgatory is virtually identical to your point about post mortem sanctification.
May I congratulate you on this lucid and irenic treck across the minefield of ecumenism.

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