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August 29, 2014


Brandon Judy

It is being said over and over that Jesus chose us, You did not choose Me but I chose you. I am not real smart, but if everything is context, than the context is of these scriptures John 15:16 are, that He chose some to be His disciples, to be used for a specific reason. This is NOT Him choosing individuals for salvation, but is referenced as though they are. Let me reiterate, He chose these men to be His disciples for a specific reason. To proclaim the Gospel. If I may,it also was stated that there is much mystery being stated from the one side. If that being clear in what they believe than how can they be so dogmatic on there doctrines of the Tulip? One other remark, I to have struggled with the Tulip throughout my walk. I have heard it said over and over that the Word says both regarding both sides. I've recently concluded that it can't say both. It has to be one or the other. For there is one truth and that truth is God He does not contradict Himself. For that would make for a God of confusion and God is not a God of confusion scripture states. So I lean the other way for now. Praise the Lord for HIS mercy. for His grace, for His longsuffering and His Love.
For His Name Sake,
Brother Brandon Judy

Andre Lefebvre

"The cause of repentance and saving faith is not synergistic but monergistic."

Tim Jones: "God working sovereingly to transform our will so that we see Him and love Him for the beautiest (?) being that he is and the plan that He offers."

"Synergism on the other hand means "working with." And it is simply that we are saved through a cooperation between our will and God's grace. Paul argues that salvation is a single-handed work of God in its inception."

We are saved when we accept God's grace, but the plan of salvation is complete already. Believing in it doesn't add to it, but it cannot be appropriated with our believing and receiving it. Why would that simplicity be so quickly obscured by a futile and failed attempt to oppose monergism and synergism? They both apply, one doesn't exclude the other. It's just a big misunderstanding.

It is a wonder to me how disjointed the proponents of monergism make the whole experience of salvation to be. Have they themselves experienced it, or have they been taught about a salvation which is a cold almost unemotional process?

Repentance alone does not give us the power to live holy, pure lives. More events are going to unfold for the ones who are responding to the work of grace in their lives. It is a journey. From awakening to salvation, there is certainly a sequence of events, milestones crossed by the soul being touched by God's grace. It is a maturation with stages of growth not unlike that of the natural life.

To use finite human words, the whole work of salvation doesn't require us to do anything to add to it. But to be activated in someone's life, it requires one thing : a response. That response has to be authentic, real, and to be so, it requires that we give something: our 'yes.' If we don't accept the gift of grace, we will not be saved. If we accept it, we will be saved, if we persevere.

On the day of Pentecost, people asked Peter what they should do: "Repent" was Peter's answer. Calvinism in this sense, is trying to steal God of the one thing He desires of us: wholehearted surrender. And it would be of little value to God if we didn't have the power to refuse Him, or accept Him.

Tim Jones didn't convince me that he understands what the human will is. Or how the work of grace makes its way in a person's mind and heart, leading them to faith in Christ, salvation by grace, surrender to His Lordship and consecration to His ways. God's grace needs to be allowed to transform the mind so it catches up with the deep seismic work done in the human soul and spirit...


Andre Lefebvre

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