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August 08, 2014


Andrew Klager

Thank you very much for the compliments, Christopher; I appreciate it. Keep pressing on!

Christopher Hopper


Thank you so much for this eloquent but no less formidable assessment of the current and disproportionate response from fundamentalists who are assured they're the last bastion of hope against those who might malign the holy scriptures and commit heresy by bringing them into question. It's arguments like these that a) make me want to delete Facebook entirely, b) question if such obsessive and long-winded commenters have any real constructive and beneficial activity within the Christian community (being watchdogs of cyberspace not included), and similarly c) have any true position of leadership within the church.

I so appreciate your words. May God grant us grace, love and tolerance of these new "selective literalists" as we venture into the the future of kingdom life.



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