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August 22, 2014


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Mark Basil

Thank you very much Ron!
I have not read any of these sources; this is just what I hoped for (esp. the Jewish sources). I am enjoying the breadth of the Holy Spirit's generousity as His seed germinates in the willing hearts and minds across the world's religions.
It is also helping me refine what is unique in the Christian gospel. I am starting to see that what is unique to Christ is only lived by precious few of our greatest Saints- those few Christ identifies (and he's speaking to his disciples of course) who will traverse the narrow Way that leads to life, and actually arrive at some measure of dispassion and divine love.

-Mark Basil

Ron Dart

Dear Mark,

You might find Martin Buber’s 2 Volumes on the Hasidic Tradition quite insightful and informative. The Orthodox 5 Volume Philokalia is a mother lode, of course. I received an email from Timothy Ware a few months ago--he mentioned the 5th volume of the Philokalia will be out soon. And yes, of course, there is much wisdom literature in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions as there is in the Greek and Roman traditions. Have you read the “Tao” section in C.S. Lewis’ The Abolition of Man, Tolstoy’s A Calendar of Wisdom (which he considered the distilled insights of his life vision) or Erasmus’ Adages?---all pure and burnished gold wisdom literature.

Fiat Lux


Thanks Ron and Brad;

I am wondering Ron if you could direct me to a good starter on Hasidic legends? Is there a good book or collection (perhaps something useful online)?

Also, have you read much from Eastern religious wisdom literature? E.g. Buddhist wisdom? I am growing to appreciate this body of wisdom and see how the Holy Spirit truly has come to so many who hungered even outside the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Love in Christ;
-Mark Basil

Brad Jersak

In other words, Mark, Ron tends to carry these stories as oral traditions, rather than being able to cite a chapter and verse reference for you. Your best hope is to quote the story 'via Ron Dart.'

Ron Dart

Some of the tales come from the Desert Fathers/Mothers (somewhat embellished and developed), some from Hasidic legends and lore, others quite original yet in the spirit of the Christian wisdom heritage.

The Winnowed Wisdom series (hope to turn all these tales into a book someday) are part of a larger project to retrieve the significance
of the Christian wisdom tradition.

Fiat Lux
Ron Dart


Hi Ron;

I would enjoy hearing where these winnowed wisdom episodes come from. Clearly I see some of them are from you, yet I recognize some (by their skeletons at least). I wonder which are the original Dartisms?

Would you kindly include a reference for those which borrow some of their shape or content from your readings? I would enjoy the increased exposure.

(PS where was this first picture taken?!)

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