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December 11, 2014


Brad Jersak

When I survey some of the methods used (here: http://www.blackmediascoop.com/cia-torture-report-reveals-anal-feedings-sexual-assaults), it is pretty obvious that the people, the institutions and the nations who cooperated to use them can no longer play the victim card or the patriot card or the security card. This is about none of the above. Those are pure rhetoric for masochism designed to employ extreme cruelty to ignite the enemy to wrath in order to justify massive build-up of militarism to support global domination and call it 'freedom.'

This report is a mirror, just as the Cross was, exposing the depths of depravity associated with violence in the name of god and country. Our reactions to the report, just as to the Cross, stand as our own self-judgment. How we respond IS the judgment. We render our own verdict. Our most appropriate response is 'Lord, have mercy,' and immediate national repentance marked by indictments and policy change. Will that happen?

Meanwhile, there's this ridiculous notion that releasing the report makes the world a more dangerous place and makes America and her lackies (Canada included) more vulnerable. Why would this be. Do we think that the people we tortured and the groups they worked for didn't realize that we were torturing them? Or that the 25 partner nations weren't aware? Or even that the American people weren't aware? It's not the report that created the danger, but the torture itself. And associating that torture with freedom and associating our freedom with Christ is, as BZ says, anti-Christ ... not as a pejorative label, but by the simplest of descriptive definitions. That this is not self-evident to some betrays the depths of our delusion ... but does not excuse it.

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