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February 09, 2015


Florian Berndt

Have been thinking a lot about this lately. For me, this is humanly impossible. Without the faith of Jesus in His Abba's love to raise Him from the dead, I honestly don't know to face all this violence like He did. Too much fear is involved and only His love - the actualy substance of it, not just the idea of it - can free me/us from this fear. Nevertheless, as long as we think there is an alternative to Jesus' way of the cross, we will never truly open up to this love. And ideas of the cross that make God the perpetuator of violence are only hindering me/us to actually take up my own cross and follow Him daily. Thanks for reminding us to follow the Lamb that was slain in His path of co-suffering love. It's the only hope of the world. Help us Lord Jesus!

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