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May 15, 2015


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Brad- I think you,Derek and Greg Boyd amongst others are on to even more issues regarding the Bible. If the Bible is of utmost importance and plays such a monumental role in our realtionship to Jesu, why then was it allowed to be kept from people for a long time by the Roman Catholic Church?? Why are there so many people who have never read it, others who don't understand it and even more who wrongly misinterpret??? (sorry calvinists and dispensationalists) I keed i keed :D

A huge question for me is how do we handle trusting Jesus as the only *Word of God* and doing so rightly as God intends if we cannot rely on the Bible to be the authority it appears to have been since God provided for the first prophecies about Him?? Without the Bible how do we avoid a totally subjective,arbitrary faith??


A useful commentary.. I've read the blogs back and forth by Boyd and Flood and worried that Flood was indeed playing "loose' with scripture. but you give me a way to understand.

Florian Berndt

Very enlightening! I was just thinking that in the roman catholic background of my childhood I learned that there is no contradiction between Scripture and tradition, because the Bible is seen as part of the grreat tradition itself.

And while this view might bring its own problems with it, its clear that the reformation didn't clear them up as most of the reformers employed their own interpretations to justify less than Christ-like behaviours.

One just doesn't get around Jesus when interpreting Scripture. But then again, isn't that the point? And obviously Jesus Himself already encountered this issue Himself...

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