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June 07, 2015


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Bev Mitchell

Years ago, as a reminder, I penned in the front of the Bible that we take to church "My conscience is clear, but that does not make me innocent". Yet, just yesterday, talking to a new acquaintance, I said "I'm a Christian". I think I even said something like "I've gone to church all my life." Who knows how many times I've said something similar since penning that quote. Thanks, Brad, for the eye opener. There are far more helpful things to say on such occasions - things the Spirit might find more useful. We need to remember, and think about better ways to speak - better ways to use the opportunities the Spirit gives.

What Clint

I hear ya Brad, and as usual it's a well thought out stream there. I've often thought of writing a story about a two warring countries where one country infiltrated and beat the other one by getting into their medical profession. This is what has been done in our common faith, but shouldn't that be all the more reason to stand up for and show at least something of what it might be like to look more like Jesus.. in humility and brokenness.. I've often thought and I tend to think that's whats meant in 1 John when it talks of "those who believe he came in the flesh".. not as Mcdowell puts it believing in the historicity.. but rather it's our humanity... much like He took on the name "Son of Humanity"

Florian Berndt

Spot on! That's describing exactly where I am at right now concerning this very issue.
And do you know what? It has opened up opportunities to share the Good News of Father's love
in Christ that I could have never imagined. Self-Righteousness is still an issue, but as I learn to focus
on His love, I can leave even this up to Him. The most wonderful thing about it is that I begin to see
Jesus everywhere, as I myself begin to identify less with a label and actually begin to embrace the life instead.
What wise words-thanks for sharing!

Mark Northey

Thanks for this Brad. A lovely reflection that did get me thinking.
At first I thought, "I wonder how Brad would reflect on that passage in acts [11:26]: The disciples were first called Christians at Antioch".
As I kept going I thought, "hmmm this somehow reminds me of the God-man Himself saying, 'Why do you call me good? No one is good except God alone.' [Mark 10:18]"


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