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December 18, 2015


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Tom Torbeyns

Nice introduction! :-)

Roger Haydon Mitchell

Thanks for this Brad. I think it's hard to overestimate how important it is to recognise that Hell is a kingdom, second only to realising that the gospel is a kingdom. When we don't grasp these two factors, we de-eschatologise the Christian faith. That is to say that we at one and the same time push the operative, prophetic power of the testimony of Jesus back into the confines of a particular period of history and push its implications forward into a future afterlife, neither of which currently exist. The Christian faith is reduced to personal religion. Which may be okay for the religious, but of no relevance to those who desire and call for equality and social justice in the present. That is to say it fails to provide for peace on earth, good will among men, so no Happy Christmas!

Brad Jersak

Thanks Jake,

I've now paginated this particular piece and will try to do so for future pdf files as well.


Jake Enns

Brad, could you publish future pdf with page numbers on them? I print them out because it is easier to study with a pen in hand on paper than looking at a monitor. Anyway, I printed out Hell is a Kingdom: the Missing... and all the pages spilled out of my printer and I spent a fair chunk of time trying to sort them. Then I realized I could look at the pdf on the computer and find the first line on each page and sort in a few second... silly me. But if the pdf did have page numbers I think it would be handy.
MERRY Christmas to you and your loved ones!!!

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