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May 21, 2016


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josh giesbrecht

I've had this stirring in me over the weekend, and I think I need to ask for a clarification. Where does defending the poor and oppressed play into this?

This may just be that I'm conflicted over the phrase "moral outrage". Outrage in the sense of irrational anger is clearly not a place likely to do good. But I've watched a lot of activists who I see calling for more justice, more compassion, who then get accused of stirring up "outrage".

The turning point in my mind is how this relates to Jesus' life. There were political issues of the time which he decidedly brushed aside -- thinking of when he was questioned on taxation -- but he was very publicly vocal about institutional oppression within the culture of faith. Was it "outrage" when he scolded the temple leaders? (And is it too cliche to bring up flipping moneychangers tables?)

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