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February 14, 2017



You've addressed the real concerns I've had for the evangelical church. So many people who've we've worshipped with for decades, attended church, worshipped in homes with, prayed for one another, etc. Were friends with...and they believe that these "prophets" are saying and see it as a war with anything that contradicts it. I've had some of those people say they were voting for who the "prophets" said. Basically, they were sure that was the higher and best way to go! A good percentage of the people my husband and I have been friends with through the years believe this way. I grieve over it, and that much of the "church" reinforces or confirms it's the right way. But I have a question about something you said..something that concerned me, too. I'm thinking maybe I'm reading it wrong. Here's the the quote.

"Most of these people cannot be saved. You know what I mean. They've gone inch by inch into the tar pit of empire worship until they're in up to their necks. There's just no way out. A Damascus Road moment maybe; but few will have such an experience." How does the "Gospel of Chairs" fit into this? I'm not trying to find fault here, but understand more how this fits together.

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