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May 09, 2017



As usual, what you have written is excellent, Richard! (But I am still a futurist :)

All prophecy points to a certain time and involves a certain generation. Jesus spoke of it as “this generation.” The prophets called it “that day.”

Although, thanks to you, I no longer believe God is violent, I still believe the major portion of the prophetic Scriptures, including Revelation, point to a crescendo of events which take place during a single generation—in the not too distant future. Beginning with the rise of Antichrist ("The Little Horn"; "The Assyrian"; "The Chaldean"; "The Man of Sin"; "The Lawless One"; "The Beast out of the Sea").

The process of officially evicting Satan begins when the Lamb starts breaking those seals on the title deed (Rev. 6). The coming violence is because Satan vehemently resists his eviction.

The Church must not ‘neglect its so great a salvation’ (Heb. 2:3) by passively allowing itself, or others, to be victimized by Satan. We need to bind death, and loose life. To “Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain….” Rev. 3:2.


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