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August 23, 2017



I agree that the role of human experience has been diminished. In a follow up to this post I mentioned that what I agreed with about Derek's criticisms was a desire for greater detail regarding Brian's contoured reading of scripture. But what Derek saw as a Marcionite reading, which some of Brian's language seemed to embrace, I saw as a Figural reading which embraces creativity, imagination, and human experience into interpretation. This type of reading is described in Hans Boersma's book "Scripture as Real Presence" which I highly recommend and Ephraim Radner's "Time and the Word" which I am looking forward to reading! Thank you for your comments Lewis.


The unfeasible length and the absence of the acknowledgement of the importance of human experience in the process of knowing God and God’s will for us were major downsides of DR's review, IMO.

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