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March 20, 2018


Fr. D.L. Jones

I think we must challenge this presupposition that Sacred Tradition can never change. That to me is at the core of the issue. I would propose a serious study of historical theology shows that Tradition has not simply developed, but fundamentally changed over the centuries.

This alleged "development" or "change" is at the heart of what divides Orthodox from Catholics, what divides traditional Roman Catholics from modern ones. I would simply say the Orthodox (or traditional Roman Catholics) fail to recognize how their own theology has changed as well.

Our understanding of humanity, in particular womanhood and genders in general has changed, especially over the last century plus. The Church must recognize that fact, to be consistent with what we know about science, anthropology, sexual ethics, etc.

So can we have both Ressourcment and Aggiornamento? Or is there a rupture on these issues of women and genders?

Mike Carter

Hapax legomenon is a word that occurs only once within a context.

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