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May 22, 2018


Jessica Williams

@Eric Janzen, thank you so much for sharing this! You gave me the gift of feeling both understood and not-alone today. I loved reading about your moment with Jesus. Yes, to be loved - touching this truth, knowing it somehow, it is no small thing. I hear you. And I love where it brought you: non-judgement and love for all. How beautiful.

Eric H Janzen

What a beautiful and sacred moment. Thank you for sharing it. I was greatly encouraged to read about it. I will share this so that you don't feel at all alone.
A few years ago, I was sitting in a seat in church, feeling weary, but doing my best to worship. I was, at the time, working through some paradigm shifts and, like you, I was tired. During worship I felt my heart drawn into a sacred space with Jesus and I had a visit with him. It was profound for me and changed some things deep within my heart. One of the things he said to me in that encounter was: "What if my judgment is love?" What if his ultimate decision as the only true and trustworthy judge is a response of total Divine Love? I've had peace within my heart ever since for two reasons: One, I am loved. That is such a short, simple sentence that cannot express the depth of joy that knowledge brings me. Two, I don't ever have to focus on judging anyone...I am free to love them as He has commanded me. The Holy Spirit has never asked me to judge anyone. On the contrary, He invites me over and over again, to love as Christ loves. A more challenging invitation I cannot imagine, since the love of Christ is so vastly amazing. I don't engage much with the debate, but your article inspired me to share my own sacred moment.

eric h janzen


I was looking at a picture of the Bema/Tribunal at Corinth as I was writing the paper due in a couple of day. (Last minute, nothing changes) and your post popped up. It was a very interesting day and I am still processing what it means to me. What hit me as we stood where Paul and Sosthenes stood facing Gallio was the plain courage and faith that Paul had. A different result and he would have been tied to the pillar we were standing next to.

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