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July 30, 2018


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When it comes to the belief in Hell there is another option to be considered since we have all been created in Gods image,
it goes to reason that we all have some of Gods creative powers and just as all of us have been given "Free Will" we also can create our own destinies,
since all scriptures have been created by man with some divine inspiration, this same Man also has a free will that may or may not be influenced by the superstitions and fears of each era that drives his beliefs,
so if you are inclined to believe that you have sinned to the point of going to Hell, you shall go there for a brief time, it will be one that you have created,
also believing that you sow as you reap will bring you back to another earthly experience to atone for any possible indiscretions in the form of reincarnation to re-establish the cosmic balance,
returning for another life in order to set right a wrong that you may have done may in itself be considered a Hell of sorts,
we are all God's children and we have been given the opportunity to learn on this planet and it is unreasonable to expect it to be done perfectly on the first try,
returning, again and again, is God's version of "tough-love" that we need to understand and embrace.

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