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August 07, 2018


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Brad Jersak

Thanks for your reply, Wayne. It was as thoughtful as I've come to expect from you. Wonderful.

Wayne Northey

Hi Brad.

Thanks for your comment. It is obviously directed to the author (Roger E. Olson) of the piece I highlight on my website with the title of the posting above.

Your two Scripture citations underscore that we'll never get a clearer revelation of God than in Jesus – and your work consistently points to that. So my commentary is really to move Olson's article, written with the history of doctrine in mind, to the very practical outworking of the kind of Christology he (and you and Brian Zahnd - and thank God also a long lineage of others over the centuries) points to with reference to peace/peacemaking, THE central organizing theme of the New Testament, as demonstrated by the meticulous exegetical work of Willard Swartley (as noted above).


I'm not entirely comfortable saying "God is Jesus," for the reasons you clarify in the article (assumptions re: Jesus only theology, modalism, etc.). Because we are Trinitarians, we can say Jesus is God, but technically not God is Jesus... and yet, as Paul says, "ALL the fulness of the Godhead (divine nature) was embodied in Jesus."

In any case, I absolutely get and track with your point. Zahnd and I would say that God is completely revealed in Jesus Christ, who is the one and only true image of God, or as Hebrews says, "The radiance of God's glory, the exact representation of God's likeness." To see Jesus is to see his Father, and this has implications. To the degree that the image of God we conceive is unChristlike, it is also heretical in the most formal and tragic (practically) sense.

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